• Mark Zahner

Preparing for Law School: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

As the summer winds down, it may seem like the days between now and the first day of law school are passing faster and faster. You know that your 1L year will be different than any other year of school and you want to be ready.

We’ve created the list of tips below to help you prepare for this important transition with your sanity, positivity, and enthusiasm intact. Read through the rest of this blog for 5 ways to make the most of your summer before law school.

1. Take a deep breath

Yes, your 1L year is important and filled with unknowns. But, no matter how much your knotted stomach disagrees, a calm, focused mindset will benefit you more than worry. Take the next few weeks to get into a healthy headspace. Plan now for your scheduling, financial, and academic needs to avoid unnecessary stresses during the school year. Surround yourself with a support system that will help you through law school — and take the time now to show how much you appreciate them for everything they do.

2. Take a prep course

Law school is different than college. You’ve likely heard it a thousand times, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. This summer is the best time to explore and use any of the dozens of law school prep courses available. From meeting one-on-one to attending an online course, you can choose the option that works best for you and will most effectively prepare you for the coming school year.

3. Build helpful habits

In law school, you can’t depend on energy drinks and a late-night cram session to save you from procrastination. Instead, use this time to build habits that will sustain you through your 1L year and beyond. Build a routine that offers enough sleep and the time you need to keep up with your courses. Many law students recommend treating law school like a job, a trick that will also help you succeed in your future internships and law practice.

4. Gather your resources

As you start your first year on a new campus, it’s important to understand your available resources. Take some time to explore your school’s library, student groups, and online subscriptions. Find potential study spots. Do what you can to settle into your new home before classes start for a less stressful transition.

5. Start now

Law school doesn’t give students the chance to catch up. To avoid unnecessary stress and the dangers of falling behind, start preparing now. Get your personal life in order so you can make school a priority from the start. Then, as you adjust to your 1L year demands, you can find a healthy balance of life and school without undue stress. School will likely only get more difficult from here, so now is the best time to figure it out.

How are you preparing for your first year of law school?

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