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L.D. Louis, Alameda County

The Need

Prosecutors wield immense power in the communities they serve and represent justice for the people within. Now more than ever communities need prosecutors that represent the diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds and cultures of the people. Diversity in prosecution means better representation throughout our communities and a more balanced and just legal system. 

Why I Became a Prosecutor
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Stories From Prosecutors

"I too wanted to invest my time and energy into doing work that mattered to people who sometimes felt like they didn't matter to anyone. "

Alpana Samant

"In college, I was the victim of a crime, and I felt completely alone and voiceless. I did not report the crime because I did not know where to go."

Tereza Guzman

“As a Latina with immigrant parents, members of my family and community often believed they were less deserving of the protections of the law. ”

Olivia Mendoza

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Why Prosecution

Prosecutors fill a unique role in the United States because their primary responsibility in the courtroom is to ascertain the truth and seek justice. While defense attorneys are obligated to vigorously defend their clients whether guilty or not, prosecutors exercise the sovereign power of the state by representing the best interests of the community, which not only includes prosecuting crimes but also honoring the rights of the accused. As one current prosecutor put it, “The only obligation I have every day is to do the right thing.” For many law students, prosecution work is an attractive form of public service. It also offers immediate opportunities for litigation experience. Unlike large firms where associates often must wait years before being given the opportunity to appear in court, assistant district attorneys manage sizeable caseloads and try cases soon after joining the office. For many, the combination of “doing good” and getting valuable courtroom experience makes prosecution work attractive.

~ Harvard Law

California has the highest employment level for lawyers in the country

~ 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics

Average Annual Mean Wage 


~ 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics

Employment of lawyers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2016 to 2026

~ 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Role Of The Prosecutor - Serve The People

Being a prosecutor is one of the most fulfilling public interest careers that someone can have. A prosecutor is the quintessential public interest lawyer. His or her "client," is the public. Prosecutors, quite simply, represent society in an effort to vindicate its rights and interests when those among us violate rights by breaking the law. At the same time, prosecutors vindicate the interests of the victims of crime: the individuals, the communities, and the organizations who are harmed, either financially, physically, or in more intangible ways. Prosecutors achieve these objectives by prosecuting and seeking to punish those who threaten the well-being of society and its citizens by breaking the law.