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L.D. Louis, Alameda County

The Need

Prosecutors wield immense power in the communities they serve and represent justice for the people within. Now more than ever communities need prosecutors that represent the diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds and cultures of the people. Diversity in prosecution means better representation throughout our communities and a more balanced and just legal system. 

Why I Became a Prosecutor
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Stories From Prosecutors

"I too wanted to invest my time and energy into doing work that mattered to people who sometimes felt like they didn't matter to anyone. "

Alpana Samant

"In college, I was the victim of a crime, and I felt completely alone and voiceless. I did not report the crime because I did not know where to go."

Tereza Guzman

“As a Latina with immigrant parents, members of my family and community often believed they were less deserving of the protections of the law. ”

Olivia Mendoza