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  • Mark Zahner

Finding Scholarships as a Minority Law Student

Law school is expensive. From books to tuition to living expenses, law students face the many stresses of paying for school with limited time to work for the funds they need. Though you can use student loans or other options to pay for your time in law school, scholarships offer an amazing opportunity to reduce your financial strain and responsibility.

As a minority law student, you have access to numerous scholarship opportunities. And, since many of these scholarships are limited to people of a specific race or ethnicity, your chances of winning are higher than most.

To help you sift through all of the financial support options available, we’ve put together this list of tips for finding your ideal minority law student scholarships.

1. Check with your law school

Scholarships can come in many forms, including financial aid offered by your school. Some faculty members also offer financial support for their current students, giving you the chance to gain both help and a special relationship with your professors. You can usually find information about these scholarships on your school’s website or by calling the financial aid office. Many schools also offer a list of scholarship opportunities online, giving you all the information you need to find and apply for financial assistance.

2. Join a law student organization

When you join an organization such as the American Bar Association, you gain access to valuable resources and exclusive scholarship opportunities. Though some of these awards are open to all law students, some are only available to minority students. You can also join associations dedicated specifically to minority groups. These organizations offer unique financial opportunities, as well as important connections and resources that can help you succeed during your time in law school and beyond.

3. Look for scholarships in your field

To encourage and support law students in specific areas of study, some firms and organizations offer financial aid for students pursuing specific areas of law. Though there is usually less competition for these scholarships, they are often awarded on a smaller, more strict basis. These specialized awards are a great way to make connections in your field and improve your resume, however, so they are definitely worth the extra effort.

Do you have an excellent resource for minority law student scholarships? Share it in the comments!

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