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  • Mark Zahner

The 4 Best Ways for Law Students to Spend Their Summers

Ah, summer. For many students, these long days are filled with fun, relaxation, and a determination to forget everything involved with the coming school year. But for you, an aspiring law student, summertime presents a valuable opportunity to add important experience to your resume.

While there is no road map for the perfect summer, there are several ways to use this time to prepare for your coming career. Whether it’s your last summer before law school, you’re already a law student, or you’re planning ahead for your future, here are four ways to spend your summer as a law student or an aspiring one.

1. Apply for internships

The best way to get involved in law is to work with people who have real, practical experience. With an internship — or job, if you’re lucky — at a local law firm or as a judicial clerk, you can get involved with the field and begin building vital connections. You may be able to find an internship through a local program, but good ol’ door-to-door searches can also offer positive results. As you search, be open to all possibilities. A short-term working or shadowing opportunity can still lead to long-term relationships that can be vital to your future career. Most prosecutor offices in California offer internships and volunteer opportunities, which offer a great chance to see what public-sector law is all about.

2. Join a community project

When you are working as a lawyer, your community will play an important part in your career and development — both as a lawyer and as a person. As you look for the best way to spend your last summer before law school, consider joining a local service project. This project can help you make important contacts, but it can also show you the best way to combine your passions and career. Every community needs lawyers who work for their best interests, so take the time to discover what these needs are and how you can help meet them.

3. Prepare academically

This option can vary depending on the current stage of your career journey. If you haven’t yet passed the LSAT, these summer months are the perfect time to break out the study guides. If you’ve already been accepted into law school, consider using this time for other beneficial courses. Take a writing class, learn another language, or simply use this time to prepare for your upcoming school year. Whether you’re adding to your experience or preparing for tests, the sharper you keep your brain, the better.

4. Take time off

It’s important to use this time wisely, but it’s also important to care of your mental health. Your years at law school are going to be filled with hard work and stress, so it’s okay to use this free time while you have it. Spend some time with family and friends. Take a short vacation. Focus on making healthy habits that will help you succeed during your schooling and career. Your wellbeing is just as important as your experience.

Do you have recommendations for the best way to spend your summer as a law student? Tell us below!

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